tank leak testing

Shell and Tube, Floating Head, Plate and Fin, Bayonet, Air Coolers are just a few of the types of heat transfer equipment.  

heat exchanger leak detectionWhat happens when an exchanger leaks?

  • Environmental hazard
  • Inadequate pressure or temperature rating
  • Inadequate heat transfer
  • Failing equipment
  • Undesired pressure changes
  • Fouling of tubes
  • Accelerated corrosion
  • Excessive load
  • Forced outages
  • Loss of heat transfer
  • Microbiological growth

Pin Hole in Tube Weld

Eventually, a leaking heat exchanger will cause an increase in operations costs.  We are able to detect large and very small leaks in heat exchangers before the leak(s) become a liability. 

Our leak test procedures exceed the requirements of ASME, ASNT and other applicable codes.

It doesn't matter if the tube to tube-sheet joint is welded or expanded - it can be tested to a high degree of accuracy.