tank leak testing

Steam Turbine, Condenser, Distillation Units 

Air in-leakage into equipment that operates under low pressure (vacuum) can cause many adverse affects.

We can test very large systems such as distillation columns or small systems such as condensers and turbines.  Circulating water leaks in condensers can result from penetrations through the tube walls, from joints between the tubes and tube-sheet, or from other penetrations between the water box and condenser shell.  Contaminants in the circulating water can change condensate chemistry, which can cause boiler or steam generator corrosion.  Poor water chemistry can also cause stress corrosion cracking of turbine components.  

We are able to detect the smallest of vacuum leaks on the following components:

  • flanges
  • screw connects
  • valve packing
  • valve bonnets
  • steam seals
  • oil seals
  • relief valves
  • etc.

Expansion Joint Leak found under the insulation