tank leak testing

Single Bottom, Double Bottom and Tanks with Leak Detection Systems


What happens when your storage tank bottom leaks? 

One cup of oil can contaminate an Olympic size pool. In most cases hundreds of gallons of oil seep into the ground before a spill is discovered.

  • Environmental impact
  • Costly repairs
  • Loss of revenue
  • Cleanup costs
  • Safety issues
  • Demo costs
  • Downtime

We have found numerous leaks on Tank bottoms that have passed other NDT methods. Our tank bottom test scans the following areas for leaks:

  • Lap welds
  • Butt welds (Annular Ring)
  • Sump welds
  • Cathodic protection welds
  • Steam coil support welds                                   
  • Floating roof striker plate welds
  • Fixed roof support pad welds
  • Other welds associated with tank bottom

                                         Crack in Weld - Single Bottom Tank