tank leak testing

Hot Taps, Reactors, Receivers, Cold Boxes, Drums, Pots, Blow Down Tanks, Separators and Associated Piping.

Leaks, fires, explosions, toxic gas release and process upsets are just a few consequences of leaking hydrocarbons.

Pressure vessels and piping are designed to operate safely at specific pressures and temperatures. The various code requirements and standards require a pressure test prior to placing the equipment in service.

The Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Test is an approved (ASME Sect. V Art. 10) test.

  • Higher sensitivity than other tests
  • Small molecule penetrates easy through leaks
  • Performed at lower pressures which reduces safety concerns
  • Dry technique compared to the hydro-test
  • Less down time of equipment
  • Environmentally safe
  • Highly accurate in pinpointing leaks

We have found numerous leaks on flanges, screw connects, relief valves, valve packings, valve bonnets, welds and through wall leaks on pipes and vessels.

Leaks can be identified under insulation to avoid removing unnecessary sheet metal and insulation.  

 Leak found on Furnace Tube Header